Seccom International Group, LLC is a multi-faceted construction firm with headquarters in Trenton, New Jersey. Services offered include,
but are not limited to, Property Management, Engineering and Architectural Services, General Construction, Procurement and Public Works
Equipments and Supplies, Human Resources Development, etc. Our specialty is cost effective solutions to the business challenges in today’s
market place, on the internet, and beyond.

Seccom International Group, LLC is developing construction projects in the United States, Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the
Carribean Basin, creating opportunities for growth in construction, trade, marketing and promotional projects. Seccom has established a
marketing agency to create global marketing solutions in web design, and optimization of market strategies through international networking.

Seccom International Group, LLC is Seccom’s media agency offering New Media Solutions for Business, Web Design, Marketing Consultation
and Networking globally. We offer distinctive web based solutions for businesses world wide.
Seccom International Group, LLC builds with interactive web based partnerships.

Seccom Africa Online

Memberships are available to begin work with Seccom towards global networking and beginning ventures with our organization.

Founded by Patrick M Blango, we have progressed from building schools, churches and housing developments in sub-Saharan African Communities
to other global markets. We have expanded our horizon and currently work with industry leaders worldwide. In the US, we have assisted government
agencies and other private sectors in accomplishing their construction goals in a timely manner. We are developing global marketing solutions for
these concerns as well, with new interactive media consulting, design, search engine and website optimization.

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