Construction Services,Travel, and Networking

At Seccom we connect the right people with the right projects in the USA, Africa, Europe, Aisia, the Middle East, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. We are a general contractor, and are currently doing many projects around the world. We also are providing opportunities for our partners globally, through Travel, web design and social networking, and in our traditional networks. We are helping establish new media opportunities in new markets globally. We help our partners explore opportunities for growth and 'internetworking' with modern solutions utilizing the worldwide web!

Our Projects


Construction in the USA

We are a general contractor, and provide a wide range of constructions services in the US.

World Wide Projects

We are currently creating opportunities in Africa, the Caribbean, India, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America.

Travel and Shipping

Beyond establishing contacts in our network, we will help you travel, and provide the movement you need for your goods or services on land, sea and air.

Seccom Agency - Media Solutions and Consultation

We provide media services for our clients, whether it be web design, marketing consultation, or through various new and traditional media.

Travel and Traditional Networking

We can provide affordable travel options for all concerns, and we provide contacts in our established global networks. We have over 40 years and many partners across 5 continents.

Global Marketing Solutions

Beyond establishing the connections, and building new projects, we endeavor to help burgeoning businesses with various aspects of new media. Such as web design, social media, new techniques in web based communication, and marketing throughout the world.
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